What’s Abortion in dog & How to Terminate Pregnancy

Sometimes, when a dog gets pregnant by accident, it might be necessary to do abortion in dog. This decision isn’t taken lightly. The vet looks into why the dog got pregnant, whether it’s safe to continue the pregnancy, and the best way to handle things. How they end the pregnancy depends on things like how old the dog is and if the owner wants her to have puppies later on. If the dog is too young to have puppies safely or if she mated with a much bigger dog, the owner might choose to end the pregnancy. Before any action is taken, the vet will make sure the dog is really pregnant.
Abortion in dogs happens when a vet ends the pregnancy because the owner wants it. If the pregnancy ends unexpectedly on its own, that’s called a miscarriage. There are lots of reasons why someone might decide to end a dog’s pregnancy, like if it’s safer for the dog or if she accidentally mated with the wrong dog. Usually, it’s better to spay the dog instead of having an abortion.

Signs of Abortion in dog

Deciding to end a dog’s pregnancy is a serious choice. But sometimes, accidents happen. Maybe the dog got out while she was in heat, and now the owner’s worried about having unwanted puppies. Or maybe a purebred dog mated with the wrong partner, or a pet meant for breeding got pregnant too soon.
During heat cycle of a female dog, she mates with a male dog for a week, but the chances of conception is 3 to 7 days.
If she gets pregnant and has an abortion, whether it happens on its own or is planned, you might notice bleeding for a few days afterward.

Diagnosis Abortion in dog

Before deciding to end a dog’s pregnancy, the vet needs to make sure she’s actually pregnant. Just because you saw her mate doesn’t mean she’s expecting puppies. They might do a vaginal smear to see if there are any sperm, but that doesn’t guarantee she’s pregnant.
To be sure for the pregnancy an ultrasoonography is done after 25 days of mating. This can show if there are puppies growing inside her.
If you’d rather not deal with a possible pregnancy at all, talk to your vet. Your vet will discuss the overiohysterectomy surgery or commonly called spaying to prevent the pregnancy in your dog.

How to Terminate Pregnancy in Dog/Abortion in Dogs

It’s pretty common for cats and dogs to accidentally mate, and that can be a worry. But there are ways to stop pregnancy from happening or to end it if it’s already started.

One surefire way to stop pregnancy is by removing the ovaries and uterus in a procedure called ovariohysterectomy. Interestingly, about sixty percent of female dogs that accidentally mate don’t end up getting pregnant.

Using certain hormones to stop pregnancy can be risky, causing some serious health problems like infections and issues with bone marrow.

But there are safe and effective ways to end a pregnancy in both dogs and cats. One method is using a hormone called prostaglandin F2alpha. It’s given as injections under the skin(subcutaneously) at the dose rate of 0.1mg/kg thrice a day for 2 days after that 0.2mg/kg SC thrice a day until all the foetuses are out.

Sometimes, adding another hormone called prostaglandin E can help speed up the process.

Another option is using a steroid called dexamethasone. It’s given by mouth twice a day until the pregnancy ends. Just know that steroids can have side effects like increased thirst and panting.

There are also some combination treatments that use different drugs together, but they can be more expensive and need special preparation.

Another type of drug called antiprogestins can also end a pregnancy safely, but they’re not always easy to find.