A Guide to Assessing Your Pet’s Health

As pet owners, it’s important to regularly assess our pets’ health to ensure they are happy and healthy. Here is a guide to help you assess your pet’s overall well-being:

Skin and Coat:

  • Look for a spotless, hair-free belly with no sores or scales on the skin or hair coat.
  • The skin and coat should be free from ectoparasites, eggs, droppings, loose hairs, or scurf.
  • It’s preferable for the skin and coat to be clean and well-groomed.


  • The ears should be alert, active, and clean with no discharge.


  • The eyes should be clear, attractive, and shining with no discharge.
  • The third eyelid should not be unduly visible.


  • The nose should be cool, moist, clean, and free from discharge.


  • The feet should be free from tears, thorns, splinters, or damaged pads with unbroken claws.


  • The abdomen should be free from wounds, sores, or overgrowths.
  • It should not be distended.


  • The anus should be clean and not fouled with loose droppings.


  • Your pet’s appetite should be normal and good with a liking for food.


  • Your pet’s behavior should be friendly, docile, and lively.
  • Shy temperament and nervous pups and kittens are not desirable.

Temperature, Pulse Rate, Respiration:

  • Your pet’s temperature, pulse rate, and respiration should be normal without coughing or sneezing.


  • Your pet’s movements should be attractive, lively, and free from limping.


  • Droppings should neither be sloppy nor hard and should not be pale.

Regularly assessing your pet’s health using this guide can help you identify potential health problems early and seek veterinary care at 

Dr.C.M.’s Pet Clinic, South Bopal, Ahmedabad if necessary.